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OTMS 65000: Applied Pediatric Evidence Based Practice

Objectives & Description

Assignment Objectives

  1. Locate quantitative and qualitative current scholarly evidence pertinent to topics course topics. 

  1. Select scholarly evidence to analyze that connects to course topics. 

  1. Analyze selected scholarly work for validity and strength in methodology. 

  1. Connect the evidence to your developing pediatric occupational therapy practice. 


Assignment Description

Step 1: Develop a focused question 

  • What is the evidence for effectiveness of TOPIC within the scope of occupational therapy practice to promote OUTCOMES for POPULATION?

Step 2: Search the literature 

  • Each small group of students will select four scholarly articles related to your topic. These should  be at the highest level of evidence available on your topic and published within the last 10  years. The articles should vary between quantitative and qualitative research, systematic review or scoping review.  

Levels of Evidence in OT

The images below are found from the following article:

Tomlin, G., & Borgetto, B. (2011). Research pyramid: A new evidence-based practice model for occupational therapy. American Journal of Occupational Therapy65(2), 189-196.

Levels of Evidence


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