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Introduction to Business

Sources of Information from the Company

Search Google for the company's website. Go to Investor Relations. You will see various documents that the company needs to file (if it is publicly traded) with the S.E.C. (Securities and Exchange Commission). Also look at the Company presentations and Corporate Social Responsibility Reports if available.

You will want to look at the following documents:

  • Form 10-k     This is the official annual report. It will describe what the company does, legal information, Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A), segment information and financials.
  • Form 10-Q     This is a quarterly document which contains much of the same information filed in the 10-k. Filed 3 times yearly.
  • Proxy Statement (DEF 14-A). This  is a document containing the information the (S.E.C.) requires companies to provide to shareholders so they can make informed decisions about matters that will be brought up at an annual or special stockholder meeting. It includes information on the officers/directors of the company including compensation ($).
  • Form 8-K-this is used to report significant events such as changes in management, earnings, relationships with other companies, etc.

You may also get these documents from the following sites:


Other Reports Which May be Helpful

Annual Report   

This is not an official document but more of a PR document. It has nice glossy pictures and financial information but not the legal information that the Form 10-K will have.

Sustainability or Corporate Social Responsibility Reports     Not every company files these but they are a useful document if you want to look at what a company is doing in terms of sustainability practices.

Employee Evaluations about the Company

These are sites that have reviews about the company by both current and former employees. Look at these carefully!

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