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ICSM Fantasy, Fandom, and Fans: Exceeding Our Own Lives

Recommended Subject Searches

Fans (Persons) 
Fans (Persons)--Psychology
Fans (Persons)--United States--Psychology
Fan fiction--History and criticism
Fan fiction--Law and legislation
Fan magazines
Science fiction fans
Science fiction fans--Anecdotes
Groupies--United States--Psychology
Subculture--United States

Celebrities in mass media
Celebrities--United States
Fame--Psychological aspects
Fame--Social aspects--United States
Fame--Social aspects--United States--History--21st century

Popular culture
Popular culture--Psychological aspects
Popular culture--United States
Popular culture--United States--History--20th century
Popular culture--United States--History--21st century
Popular culture--United States--Psychological aspects
Mass media and culture
Mass media and culture--United States
Mass media--Audiences
Mass media--Influence
Mass media--Psychological aspects
Mass media--Social aspects
Mass media--Social aspects--United States
Mass media--United States
Mass media--United States--Psychological aspects

Motion pictures--Psychological aspects
Motion pictures--Social aspects
Motion pictures--United States--History
Motion pictures--United States--History--20th century
Motion pictures--United States--History and criticism
Motion picture actors and actresses
Motion picture actors and actresses--United States
Science fiction films
Science fiction films--History and criticism
Fantasy films--History and criticism
Superhero films--History and criticism
Horror films--History and criticism
Horror films--United States--History and criticism
Vampire films--History and criticism
Werewolves in motion pictures
Zombie films--History and criticism
Cult films
Cult films--History and criticism
Motion picture audiences
Motion picture audiences--Psychology

Television--Psychological aspects
Television--Social aspects
Television broadcasting--Social aspects--United States
Television programs--Social aspects
Television programs--Social aspects--United States
Reality television programs--Social aspects
Science fiction television programs--History and criticism
Science fiction television programs--United States
Science fiction television programs--United States--History and criticism
Fantasy television programs--History and criticism
Horror television programs--History and criticism
Television viewers
Television viewers--Attitudes
Television viewers--Psychology
Television viewers--United States
Television viewers--United States--Attitudes
Television viewers--United States--Psychology

Science fiction
Science fiction--History and criticism
Science fiction, American--History and criticism
Science fiction--Authorship
Science fiction, English--History and criticism
Fantastic literature--History and criticism
Fantasy fiction, American--History and criticism
Fantasy fiction--History and criticism
Fantasy fiction, English--History and criticism
Horror tales, American--History and criticism
Horror tales, English--History and criticism
Comic books, strips, etc.--History and criticism
Graphic novels--History and criticism 
Superheroes in literature

Young adult fiction
Young adult fiction, American--History and criticism
Rowling, J. K.--Criticism and interpretation
Meyer, Stephenie, 1973- Twilight saga series
Collins, Suzanne--Criticism and interpretation

Electronic games industry
Electronic games--Social aspects
Computer games--Psychological aspects
Computer games--Social aspects
Video games--Psychological aspects
Video games--Social aspects
Halo 2 (Game)
Second Life (Game)
World of Warcraft
Internet games

Virtual reality--Social aspects
Cyberspace--Social aspects
Shared virtual environments
Internet--Social aspects
Internet--Psychological aspects
Online social networks
Online social networks--Social aspects
Online social networks--United States
Blogs--Social aspects

Sports--Social aspects
Sports--Social aspects--United States
Sports--Sociological aspects
Sports spectators--United States
Sports spectators--Psychology
Sports spectators--Social conditions

Specific characters, character types, tv shows, and movies may be Subject Headings:

Doctor Who (Fictitious character)
Potter, Harry (Fictitious character) 
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Fictitious character)
Star Trek television programs
Lost (Television program)
Buffy, the vampire slayer (Television program)
Game of thrones (Television program)
Star Wars films--History and criticism
Star Wars films--Moral and ethical aspects
Star Trek films
Star Trek films--History and criticism
Matrix (Motion picture) 
Twilight (Motion picture : 2008)

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