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Alumni and Retiree Resources

Special Collections

The Ithaca College Archives has a number of special collections that might be of interest to alumni:


Chadwick Image Project

Between 1914 and the early 1920s, Archelaus D. Chadwick (known as "Arch") was the production designer and set designer for the Wharton motion picture studio based in Ithaca. From 1925 until his retirement in 1939, Chadwick was a Professor in the Theater Department at Ithaca College. The Library has a collection of images of Wharton stage sets that Chadwick designed.  We plan to digitize these images in the near future.

IC Then and Now Video Project

The Library has created a series of short videos that focus on "Ithaca College - Then and Now" - each video combines current video footage of campus buildings interspersed with historical images.
Our first video celebrates the 50th anniversary of the construction of the Campus Center.