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RLS 33200: Research Methods

Search Strategies

  • Women in Leadership (Outdoor Adventure); Women in Climbing; Women's contributions to outdoor ed and the climbing world

1. wom*n or female*

2. climbing or rock climbing or bouldering or outdoor adventure or outdoor education or outdoor learning

3. leader*

  • How therapeutic recreation is more than "just fun" - benefits of recreation

1. recreation* therap* or therapeutic recreation

2. benefits or advantages or positive effects or importance or impact or success or value or strengths

  • How the worsening climate change is creating elitism in outdoor recreation

1. climate change or global warming or climate crisis or climate emergency or climate disaster

2. outdoor recreation

  • Adventure Activities - Extreme sports and impacts on youth at risk - increase quality of life

1. extreme sport* or adventure activit*

2. child* or adolescen* or teen* or youth

3. mental health or depression or anxiety or stress or quality of life or well being

  • Ecstatic experiences with the natural world - Importance of Ecstatic Experiences in Nature

1. ecstatic

2. nature or outdoor or wilderness or environment or wood* or forest*

  • Maintaining Autotelic personality "flowing" into a better state of mind

1. Autotelic

2. personality or traits or characteristics

  • Neuroscience and the benefits of music therapy

1. neuroscience or neurobiology or brain or neuropsychology or neurology

2. music* therap* or music* intervention* or musical* treatment*

3. dementia or alzheimers

  • Backcountry Nutrition - Health implications, social implications, financial accessibility, sustainability

1. Nutrition or food or plants or fruit* or vegetable* or herb* or berry or berries

2. backcountry or wilderness

  • Stigma behind wilderness therapy - focus on benefits and the downside of "gooning"

1. wilderness therap* or adventure therap* or outdoor therap*

2. benefits or advantages or positive effects or importance or impact

  • Women and Empowerment - backpacking and how to help empower women

1. wom*n or female*

2. backpack*


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