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RLS 33200: Research Methods

Search Strategies


child* or kid* or teen* or adolescen*

benefit* or advantage* or impact or positive or value*

psychedelic* or hallucina* or Psilocybin or lsd or D-lysergic acid diethylamide or Peyote or mescaline or DMT

outdoors or outside or wilderness

marijuana or cannabis

detainee* or inmate or prison or penitentiary or jail or correctional facility or incarceration or imprisonment

legal or legalization or decriminal* or legalize* or regulation

water scarcity or water shortage*

international conflict or international cooperation or geographic boundar*

benefit* or advantage* or impact or positive or value*

outside or outdoor* or wilderness or nature

wellbeing or well being or happiness or depression or anxiety

child* or teen* or adolescen*

"outdoor industry" or ecotourism or sustainable tourism or national forests or national parks or mountain biking

environmental* or conservation or ecology


inclusion or inclusive or mainstreaming

school* or education or classroom

social skills or social interaction or social behavior or social competence or interpersonal skills

child* or youth or adolescen* or teen*

child or youth or adolescen*

school or education or classroom or k-12

covid or covid-19 or coronavirus or 2019-ncov or sars-cov-2 or cov-19

health or mental health or physical health or well being or quality of life

therap* or treatment* or intervention*

dance or dancing or dancer

deaf or hard of hearing or hearing impaired or d/hh or hearing loss or deafness


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