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OTBS 20600: Culture of Disability

Disability Statistics

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Disability and Health Data System: Very data heavy.

  • State Profiles: Can drill down to disability status at the state level. There are all sorts of different topics.
  • Methods: Gives a nice overview and definitions of their site.

Disability and Health: TONS of great and easy to use information. Very consumer health-y.  

  • Overview -- Information on impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions along with some information on specific disabilities.
  • State Profiles -- Click on any state to see an infographic with data specific to that state. Here is the NYS Infographic.
  • Articles & Key Findings -- An excellent list of articles that focus on disability.

Disabilities & Functioning (Adult): This page provides a nice snapshot of "fast facts" along with the source of information which is usually a detailed PDF.

  • What is the percent of adults unable (or very difficult) to walk a quarter mile?


Disability Resources via The Department of Labor
Disability Resources: A list of government resources based on various topics (i.e. civil rights, housing, health, employment)


Cornell University: Institute on Employment & Disability


The World Health Organization
Health Topics -- Disabilities 


The International Center for Disability
Disability Statistics & Policy in the USA and the World: A website with lots of links to agencies that collect disability statistics. Unfortunately, there are lots of dead links.




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