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Economic Indicators

Categories of Indicators

The following are the main categories of indicators along with specific ones under each.

Total Output Income and Spending -These tend to be the most broad measures of economic performance and include such statistics as:
* Gross Domestic Product (GDP) [quarterly]
* Real GDP [quarterly]
* Implicit Price Deflator for GDP [quarterly]
* Business Output [quarterly]
* National Income [quarterly]
* Consumption Expenditure [quarterly]
* Corporate Profits[quarterly]
* Real Gross Private Domestic Investment[quarterly]

Employment, Unemployment and Wages -These statistics cover how strong the labor market is and they include the following:

* The Unemployment Rate [monthly]
* Level of Civilian Employment[monthly]
* Average Weekly Hours, Hourly Earnings, and Weekly Earnings[monthly]
* Labor Productivity [quarterly]

Production and Business Activity -These statistics cover how much businesses are producing and the level of new construction in the economy:

Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization [monthly]
* New Construction [monthly]
* New Private Housing and Vacancy Rates [monthly]
* Business Sales and Inventories [monthly]
* Manufacturers' Shipments, Inventories, and Orders [monthl

Prices -This category includes both the prices consumers pay as well as the prices businesses pay for raw materials and include:

* Producer Prices (PPI) [monthly]
* Consumer Prices (CPI) [monthly]
* Prices Received And Paid By Farmers [monthly]

Money, Credit and Security Markets- These statistics measure the amount of money in the economy as well as interest rates and include:

* Money Stock (M1, M2, and M3) [monthly]
* Bank Credit at All Commercial Banks [monthly]
* Consumer Credit [monthly]
* Interest Rates and Bond Yields [weekly and monthly]
* Stock Prices and Yields [weekly and monthly]

Federal Finance -These are measures of government spending and government deficits and debts:

* Federal Receipts (Revenue)[yearly]
* Federal Outlays (Expenses) [yearly]
* Federal Debt [yearly]

International Statistics-These are measures of how much the country is exporting and how much they are importing:

* Industrial Production and Consumer Prices of Major Industrial Countries
* U.S. International Trade In Goods and Services
* U.S. International Transactions

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