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SLPG 55400: Neurological Bases of Communication and Motor Speech Disorders



  • Include terms for describing the nervous system diseases (localization, course, and type –degenerative? Vascular?)


  • Cause -- PubMed Subheading: etiology
  • Prevalence (how common in entire population) -- PubMed Subheading: epidemiology
  • Incidence (rate of occurrence of new cases) -- PubMed Subheading: epidemiology

Pathophysiology/Anatomic Substrates

  • What is the neuropathy?
    • What general areas of the brain are affected? -- PubMed Subheading: physiopathology


  • What are general clinical features? -- PubMed Subheading: diagnosis
    • What type of motor speech disorder?
      • What are the speech signs?
      • What are the non-speech signs? (language, congnition, swallowing) 

Medical/Surgical Treatment

  • Are there pharmacological or surgical treatments available? What are they? -- PubMed Subhead: drug therapy or surgery

Behavioral Therapy (role of speech language pathologist) 

  • Provide evidence from our field for 2-3 behavioral motor speech therapies or management programs delivered by a speech-language pathologist

Additional Resources (websites, support groups)

References (APA)

PubMed: MeSH

Use PubMed's MeSH Search to find your MeSH term

  • Try to restrict your topic to a "MeSH Major Topic" 


  • Add to Search Builder, and then Search PubMed

  • Try to add a subheading to your MeSH term


*Remember that there are subheadings for all areas that you must include in your assignment


  • Try doing a MeSH Search on your topic and then adding in: AND (speech or language or communication)


  • Try doing a MeSH Search on your topic and then going to the Advanced Search and add the following terms limited to Title/Abstract: (speech or language or communication)



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