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How to Search in General One File

To start searching General OneFile, select Advanced Search:


Then, type in your keywords. General OneFile automatically puts quotation marks around your word, or words. This is called a bound phrase:

You should also use the drop down option, and change Basic Search to Keyword. Keyword searches the most important fields including title, citation, first paragraph, and subjects:

General OneFile Filters

I have highlighted below some of the more important General OneFile filters to pay attention to:


  • Content Types
    • Notice that your results are organized by content, or resource, type
    • Magazines is always first, but select Academic Journals for scholarly articles
  • Search within results
    • This allows you to search within your results so that you can continue to focus your resources 
  • Publication Dates
    • Make sure that you are selecting how recently the resource has been published
    • Custom date range will allow you to enter specific years

Topic Finder

You can also use the Topic Finder, and explore your topic through this colorful chart:

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