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EXSS 25500: Introduction to evidence-based medicine and clinical reasoning

SPORTDiscus, CINAHL, Medline

1. "medial tibial stress syndrome" or "shin splints" or mtss

2. shockwave therap* or shock wave therap* or shock-wave therap* or extracorporeal shockwave

3. research or evidence based or randomized controlled trials* or rct or meta analys* or systematic review*


PubMed: Clinical Queries

  • There are five Clinical Study Categories:
    • Etiology - Filter uses search terms related to cohort studies and risk.
    • Diagnosis - Filter uses search terms related to diagnosis, specificity or sensitivity.
    • Therapy (default choice) - Filter uses search terms related to clinical trials, controlled trials, random allocation and theraputic use.
    • Prognosis - Filter uses search terms related to prognosis, cohort studies, follow-up studies, incidence and prediction.
    • Clinical Prediction Guides - Filter uses language related to validation, observer variation, predictive value and scoring systems.
  • There are two scope filters:
    • Broad - Sensitive search – includes relevant citations but probably less relevant; will retrieve more (default)
    • Narrow - Specific search – will get more precise, relevant citations but less retrieval


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