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Evidence Syntheses

Exporting from PubMed

1. Send to → Citation Manager → With max being 200 
2. This creates a citations.nbib file that you can then download into a bibliographic manager

Exporting from EBSCO

1. Page Options  → Results per Page  → Select 50 -- as this will make it easier to add many citations to a folder assuming there are more than 50 records in the search results

2. Share  → Add to Folder  →  Results (1-50)  --  and continue this with each page until all records are added to the folder.

3. View Folder  → Select All  → Direct Export to RIS


Exporting from Proquest

1. Scroll to bottom of page and select Items Per Page  → Select 100 (or less if have fewer results)

2. Select 1-100  →  Continue this with each page until all records have been added

3. Save  → RIS (works with EndNote, Citavi, etc.)



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