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RLS 24300: Interventions and Protocols

Therapies & Intervention: Database Search Ideas

Pet Therapy

1. pet therapy or animal assisted therapy or therapy dogs or dog therapy or dog assisted or equine therapy or equine

2. depression or anxiety

3. child*


Art Therapy

1. art therapy or art psychotherapy or creative arts therapies or expressive arts therapy

2. refugee or asylum seeker or asylum-seeker or immigrants

Adventure Therapy

1. adventure therap* or outdoor therap* or nature therap* or wilderness therap*

2. child* or kid* or teen* or adolescen*


Sensory Stimulation and Sensory Integration

1. "sensory stimulation" or "sensory therap*"

2. sensory integration or sensory processing or sensory modulation

3. child*



1. cognitive behavioral therapy or cbt

2. child*

3. anxiety disorder*




1. dbt or dialectical behavioral therapy

2. child*

Intergenerational Programming

1. intergenerational therapy or intergenerational program*

2. child*

3. depression or anxiety or mental health


Virtual Reality

1. virtual reality therapy

2. PTSD or stress or anxiety or depression

3. soldier* or military



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