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OTMS 62600: Professional Practice in Community

  • A portal for listings of U.S. federal grants, only.
  • Try searching via keyword in the search box: refugee; occupational therapy
  • Try using their more advanced search form
Grantsmanship Center: Search for available research funding by state, see what givers prefer, and explore which ones offer up the most money.

New York State 
  • Search the term "Grants" in the search box to get information about grants in NYS

Foundation Center

The Foundation Center is a national nonprofit service organization recognized as the nation’s leading authority on organized philanthropy.

Take some time to explore the "Find Funding" area:
  • Try the FDO Quickstart  (registration required) which is a free search tool, providing public access to essential information about over 100,000 foundations and over 250,000 IRS Forms 990-PF
  • Try the 990 Finder to find information that funders file with IRS; It could be useful to look at the 990 tax returns of nonprofit organizations similar to the one you wish to find grants for, where you will find their donors listed.
    • -- Try to search using quotations "after school" and via geograhic location.
  • Requests for Proposals (RFPS): Announcements of funding opportunities. Also available as an RSS feed or free weekly e-newsletter.
  • Foundation Landscapes: These sites, which are constantly updated, provide a targeted look at the community of funders and recipients working on a common issue.
  • Foundation Stats:  Comprehensive resource available for generating tables and charts on the size, scope, and giving priorities of the U.S. foundation community.
  • Issues Lab: A place to browse reports, funders, and publishing organizations all within the social sector. 
  • Ask a Librarian for Help
Worksheets for Keeping Track of your Prospects: You may collect a lot of information, so use a worksheet to help you stay organized.

Learn About Foundations and Fundraising: Once you get past the classroom seminars, most of the content is free here. See especially the online training courses and tutorials, which include a  Grantseeking Basics Training Video,  Introduction to Fundraising Planning, and Grantseeking Basics for Nonprofit Organizations.

Take some time to explore the  “Gain Knowledge” area:  
  • Foundation Research: Look at the "Key Facts on U.S. Foundations". Try clicking on the Foundation Focus, Grant Focus (priorities), or Grant Focus (Geography). 
  • Foundation Maps: Try looking at the Foundation Funding for US Democracy and explore the data. Find out who has given and received grants in Ithaca!  
Proposal Writing Short Course

Philanthropy Classification System  The Foundation Center maintains a classification system that might prove useful. It helps clarify the population served, the organization type, and the Subject area, as well as support strategies. When clicking on any of these, be sure to wait for the "Hierarchy" at the bottom to fill in.

Research Grants & Intervention Based Grants

American Occupational Therapy Foundation
  • Scholarship Program >> How to Apply >> You will find the deadline date here.
  • Research Grant Program: You can find information on AOTF grants, and past recipients of grants. It might be helpful to look at what was funded in the past couple of years to get a sense of research trends.  
US Department of Health and Human Services
  • Look at How to Get a Grant:  Lots of tips and resources regarding HHS grant opportunities.
  • Search forecasted HHS Grants (be sure to select HHS): Look at Eligibility, Agency, Category. Or try a keyword search (i.e. refugee)
National Institute of Health Grants and Funding: (Be sure to select "Grant Funding Only"
  • Try a keyword search (i.e. cancer, mental illness, occupational therapy)


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