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Faculty Toolkit

Library Instruction

Assigning a paper that requires library research? A subject librarian can visit your class to help your students find the resources by introducing them to:

Instruction can be provided in Library Room 319, or in your classroom. We look forward to working with you and your students!

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Instruction Sessions

Plan Ahead
We customize each library instruction session to your course and assignment, so we ask that you submit an instruction request with advance notice as this  helps with scheduling sessions and reserving a classroom.

Collaborate With Us
The more we know about your course and your expectations, the better we can serve your students' needs, so please plan to share copies of your syllabus and research assignment with us. Whether in one class period or multiple sessions, we can address particular databases, skills, or research problems at your suggestion. We also build course guides with links to relevant resources. Just let us know!

Prepare Your Students
Students benefit most from library instruction when they're beginning to work on their research assignments and can make the connection between using library resources and succeeding in your class. Bringing them in at this stage also helps prevent procrastination on their part!

Participate in the Session
Your attentive presence conveys to your students the importance of what we're doing. When they see you interact with the librarian, asking questions or making observations, they'll be more engaged in learning. Your responses also help us direct the session to meet your expectations.

Other Ways to Introduce Your Students to the Library

If your course doesn't include a significant research component or you simply don't have a class session to spare, you can still encourage your students to use the library's resources and services.