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HLTH 21700: Epidemiological Approaches to Disease Prevention and Control



Obesity: Search Terms for Epidemiology

obesity or overweight or fat or obese or unhealthy weight or high bmi

epidemiology or incidence or prevalence or occurrence

united states or usa or u.s

Toxic Shock Syndrome terms for Epidemiology

toxic shock syndrome

epidemiology or incidence or prevalence or occurrence

Malaria: Terms for Trends


africa* or sub saharan or nigeria or tanzania or kenya or ghana or uganda

trends or forecast or issues or developments or changes


Polio: Terms for Policy/Programs


policy or policies or law*  or legislation or regulation* or guideline*


Ebola: Search Terms for Cause of Disease


etiology or cause or predictors or factors or outcomes


Search Terms for HIV/AIDS and SES

hiv or aids or acquired human immunodeficiency syndrome or human immunodeficiency virus

es or socio-economic or income or social class or socioeconomic status or poverty or low income or disadvantaged


eBooks -- for background information


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