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First-Year Student Engagement


This guide is intended to enhance the Summer 2020 online course offerings for incoming first-year students and highlight library resources that can be provided at no cost to students.  

The library has curated a collection of essays and short pieces that explore topics ranging from literacy, cultural relativism, technology, gender identity, poverty, sustainability, and sense of self. The readings cover a broad range of disciplinary topics and include diverse and underrepresented voices.

We envision the readings being used to:

  1. Promote academic discourse and critical thinking
  2. Provide an introduction to the expectations of higher education
  3. Integrate an academic and social (small group) experience into the campus community
  4. Foster student-to-student and student-to-faculty connections

We encourage faculty to utilize Leganto, a streamlined system for adding course materials from the library's collection to Sakai. Note that, in the provision of access to resources, the IC Library follows Fair Use Guidelines as outlined in the College's Copyright Policy

The Ebook Central database includes over 190,000 full-text ebooks which can be viewed and downloaded at chapter level. Book links and/or chapter PDFs can be added to Sakai. We also provide information on locating Open Educational Resources.

IC librarians welcome opportunities to develop course-related guides and instructional activities.The Library has developed the Research 101 series to introduce students to the scholarly research.  The individual tutorials have persistent links that can be added to Sakai.