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Propaganda and the Media

About this Guide

Library Support:

Utilize this library guide to develop means of combating propaganda through education, especially critical thinking, information & media literacy, and accessing a diversity of credible sources.

My virtual class visit will begin with a presentation on ways to search for scholarly articles about specific topics related to COVID-19  coverage.


  • Discover scholarly articles that are on target or related to your specific research topic in a focused way; PDFs are a preferred format 
  • Discover current news articles and evaluate the media outlet and author 
  • Brainstorm on broader, narrower and related terms prior to searching
  • Use boolean search operators to form a search strategy
  • Apply filters 
  • Use Cited By and Reference lists to expand research
  • Generate citations 
  • Ask a librarian for assistance when searching

Sample topics:

  • Economic Toll
  • Coverage of Dr. Fauci 
  • Scientific evidence
  • Coronavirus deniers
  • Social Media platforms & coronavirus information (neutrality)
  • Coverage of China
  • White House Press Conference
  • Gov Cuomo Press Conference

Make a research consultation with me by clicking "Schedule Appointment" under my photograph.  You can also send me an email describing your topic and times you are available.

Cathy Michael

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Cathy Michael