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Deep Research for Accurate Storytelling

About this Guide

About the Course:

This session addresses the way media makers - journalists, documentary film makers, sports media professionals and others (IMC, CMD, film production - the whole gamut) - are increasingly using deep research in their fields. This mini-course shows you why and how to effectively research in preparation for your college career and ultimately your industry.

Journalists like Matthew Yglesias (The Weeds), Sarah Cliff  (NYT), Jane Coaston, Ezra Klein (Vox) and Dara Lind (ProPublica) are leading the way in a deeper and richer form of reporting and storytelling through research. This combats the "Fake News" narrative and offers more professional value in journalism and other fields, giving our degrees more weight and validity than citizen journalists or social media influencers. The habits we form through our studies at Ithaca College will likely inform our careers in media.

Library Objectives:

  • Why it is important to research well
  • How to research well

Pulitzer Prize Winners

Take a look at the list of Past winners & finalists for the Pulitzer Prize.  There are many categories such as: Explanatory Journalism, Investigative Reporting, National Reporting, Breaking News, Public Service, Local, etc.

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