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Electronic Resources Troubleshooting

About Access to Electronic Resources

Are you a current Ithaca College student, faculty member, or staff member?

If so, you should be able to access all of our electronic resources from campus. With a few exceptions, you should be able to access our electronic resources from off-campus too.

Below you will find some quick tips that may resolve your electronic resource access issues. If, after trying these quick fixes, you find that you are still experiencing difficulty, please report the problem to our Electronic Resources staff via the form below or by emailing A member of our Electronic Resources staff will typically respond to your message within one business day. Try to include as much information about the problem as possible, including any error messages and whether you are on-campus or off-campus. Including information about your internet connection (ResNet, Ithaca College Secure Network, etc.) may also be helpful.

Quick Troubleshooting Tips

Web browsers

Sometimes clearing your web browsing history (including cache and cookies) can resolve electronic resource access issues. If you don't want to clear your history, try using a private or incognito browsing window.

Your choice of web browser might also affect access. If you're having trouble, try using a different browser. For example, if you are experiencing difficulty with a resource while using Chrome, try Firefox instead.



Access to many of our resources requires authentication through Netpass. 

Make sure you are entering your Netpass credentials correctly. Did you recently update your Netpass password? If so, double check to make sure you are entering your current password. 


Off-campus access

If you are a current Ithaca College student or faculty or staff member, you should be able to access our electronic resources when you are off campus.*

If you are having trouble accessing one of our subscription resources from off-campus, make sure you are trying to get to the resource through a proxied link. Proxied links to Ithaca College Library's resources typically start with:

For example:

You can find proxied links in the Database A-Z page, the Journals A-Z page, and Library Search results. Using a proxied link should allow you to access the Library's subscription resources with your Netpass even when you are away from campus.

*Ancestry Library Edition is an exception. Access to that resource is limited to on-campus use.


Library Search

If an electronic resource is available online, you should click on the title to find ways of accessing that resource online.

Clicking on the title will open a full record where you may find a list of ways of accessing the resource. If you find a list, and the first link you try doesn't bring you to the resource you want, try one of the other links:

If you are still having problems connecting to the resource, you might want to search for the resource directly in one or more of the databases from the list. If that doesn't work, you may report the problem to electronic resources staff by using the Report a Problem link in the Full Record.

Alumni and Retiree Resources

Unfortunately, due to licensing and copyright restrictions, access to library electronic resources (databases, ebooks, eserials) is limited to current IC faculty, staff, and students. Ithaca College Library has selected a group of online resources for our alumni and retirees. Please refer to the Alumni and Retiree Resources Guide for more information:

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