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Accessing Our New York Times Subscription Passes are available for current Ithaca College students, faculty, and staff. Once you activate a pass, you will have access to The New York Times online without needing your own subscription.

As of Fall 2021, students that claim a pass will retain access through graduation. Students that claimed a pass prior to the Fall of 2021, as well as faculty and staff, will need to reclaim passes when they expire. While you have an active pass, you will be able to use The New York Times website and apps from anywhere, without first connecting through the library.

Get Access

To get access, you will need to claim a Pass. You might need to enter your Netpass information, then you should be brought to a welcome screen.

Next steps

  • If you are claiming a pass for the first time and do not already have a log in with your email: Click Create Account, enter your email address, set a password, and click Create Account again.
  • If you are renewing an expired pass or if you already have an account with your email: Click "Already have an account? Log in here" and enter your New York Times account information.
  • If you have a personal paid NYT Digital Subscription and want to cancel it and claim a pass: You must change the email address associated with your account to your email address and cancel your existing subscription before you can claim a pass. Then claim a pass, selecting "Already have an account? Log in here," and enter your email and existing New York Times password.

Accessing The New York Times

Upon successful account creation or confirmation, you should be brought to a Start Your Access screen which will contain a note about your account's expiration date. Once this registration process is complete, you will be able to access The New York Times online without having to connect through the library's website -- simply access and its features directly using the email and password that you just registered!


Here are some suggestions to help with some common problems

  • If you use the "Already have an account? Log in here" option and have trouble claiming a pass: You should try logging out of your account first and then try claiming a pass.
  • If you find that your account does not sync across all of your devices: You may need to log out of your account in NYTimes apps and log back in for your subscription status to sync.
  • If you are not sure if your account is current: You can verify that you have an active pass by looking at your account when signed into from a web browser. Click on Account in the upper right corner. If you are logged in with an active pass you should find the phrase "group access" under Subscription Overview.


Our academic site license to The New York Times grants individual users access to many features including:

  • Online archive (dating back to 1851)
  • Interactive media (graphics, charts, maps, polls, custom content)
  • Video library (spanning all sections)
  • NYT app for mobile devices
  • Augmented Reality content (requires an iPhone 6S or higher)
  • Daily 360 content - two dimensional videos that provide 360° views (with mobile device or mouse)
  • NYT “Watching” - TV and movie recommendations (with customization options)
  • Podcasts (including "Daily" podcast, “Caliphate,” and “Dear Sugars,” among others)
  • Newsletters (there are a variety of topics that you may subscribe to)
  • Article history and Save options (across platforms)
  • Article comment permissions
  • NYT in Education website (includes 16 discipline-specific areas of study, discussion prompts, learning outcomes, Instructional Strategies, and Co-Curricular Activities) - additional registration is required
  • The NYT Cooking app (with over 19k recipes that may be saved and accessed across platforms) Passes do not include e-reader editions, Times Insider content or digital versions of The New York Times Crossword. NYT mobile apps are not supported on all devices. Access to archived articles from 1923 to 1980 is limited. Other restrictions may apply.

While access to articles from 1923 to 1980 is limited to 5 articles per user, per day, Ithaca College Library has access to this content through our subscription to U.S. Major Dailies -- Historical Newspapers.

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