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Ancestry Library Edition

Card Catalog

To access publications and collections on Ancestry Library Edition, access the Card Catalog using the following steps:

  • Access the Ancestry Library Edition homepage, using the link below
  • Click Search at the top of the page
  • Select Card Catalog from the drop down

Once at the Card Catalog, you can search or use the filters to browse the collections. If you would like to search within a single publication, enter the name of the publication in the Title field and click Search. Select the title if it appears in your results. Information about some popular titles and collections, along with tips for locating them are below.

Dictionary of National Biography

The first volume of the Dictionary of National Biography was published in 1882. The title eventually included 22 volumes and contained thousands of biographies of prominent figures from Britain and Ireland.

To browse or search within the Dictionary of National Biography on Ancestry Library Edition, access the Card Catalog using the steps above then

  • enter Dictionary of National Biography in the Title field and click Search
  • select Dictionary of National Biography, Volumes 1-22

From there you can search or browse within the collection.

Sears Catalogs

Ancestry Library Edition contains the catalogs from Sears, Roebuck and Co. dating from 1896-1993.

To browse or search within the Sears catalogs, access the Card Catalog using the steps above then

  • enter Sears in the Title field and click Search
  • select  U.S., Historic Catalogs of Sears, Roebuck and Co., 1896-1993

From there you can search within the catalogs or browse by year.


Ancestry Library Edition contains over 150 newspapers, periodicals, and magazines, primarily from North America, but including some content from Europe, Australia, Oceania, and the rest of the world. Some of the records from these titles are limited to obituaries, birth and marriage notices, police gazettes and reports of crime.

To locate specific titles within the Newspapers and Periodicals collection, access the Card Catalog using the steps above. From there, you can use the filters to focus your search by location, collection (only Newspapers or only Periodicals & Magazines, if needed), or date. If you locate a title that you would like to search within, select it from the results list.

You can also chose to search across the entire Newspapers & Publications Category (or just one or the other, depending on your filters). To do this, click the link that begins Search entire...category that can be found at the top of your results list. From there you can narrow down your search by names, keywords, and biographical information like birth or death date.

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