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BGRD 60800 Contemporary Issues in Accounting - Literature Reviews


  • ​Analyze the topic carefully 
  • Identify the key aspects of the topic
  • Define the key terms 
  • Explain the organization of the review
  • Use primary research from peer-reviewed journals 
  • Summarize the research in your own words
  • Evaluate the research in your own words 
  • Identify areas for further research

Note: It is not enough to simply summarize the research literature. You need to demonstrate that you understand the relevance and significance of the publications you reviewed and how they relate to each other.

See these guides for information on Evaluating and Citing your sources.


Research Organizer

Use this Research Organizer to manage your review of the literature on a topic.  You can cut and paste it into a Google Spreadsheet and share it with others if you are doing a group project.  It will allow you to share your research with each other as you find it, and prevent group members from duplicating efforts. Under columns E-I, you can either summarize your findings from each source or directly quote relevant phrases (be sure to include page numbers where necessary). 

Source: Notor, C. E., & Cole, V. (2010). Literature review organizer. International Journal of Education, 2(2). doi:

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