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THEA 12000: Theatrical Design: Sweat by Lynn Nottage

Visual and Aural Research for A Raisin in the Sun: Finding Books


Finding Images in Books:

Using the subject heading field is extremely helpful in pinpointing books with  lots of images. 

Try terms such as:

  • portrait*
  • photograph*
  • "pictorial works"
  • illus*
  • plate*

For locations, use cities, states or countries:

  • "reading pennsylvania"
  • "united states"

For times/eras, use the century, decade or phrases that describe the era:

  • renaissance
  • 18th century
  • nineteen fifties

For objects, try

  • architecture OR dwellings
  • bars (drinking establishments)
  • art
  • furniture

For style, try terms such as

  • culture
  • decoration
  • design
  • civilization
  • social

Photographers Active During 2000-2010:

Subject Headings for Sweat:

Clothing and dress 21st Century

Pennsylvania (use in combination with other terms)

Photography, Industrial

Photography of interiors


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