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PASG 60930: Evidenced Based Medicine III: Effective Communication in Health Care

Database Searches

In cancer patients suffering from pain, how does cannabis, compared to no cannabis, affect pain management?

cannabis or marijuana or thc or cbd or tetrahydrocannabinol or cannabidiol

pain or discomfort or distress or nausea or vomit*

cancer or neoplasm* or oncology or tumor or malignancy or chemotherap*

randomized controlled trial* or rtc or randomised control trial* or systematic review or meta analysis

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PubMed: Clinical Queries

  • There are five Clinical Study Categories:
    • Etiology - Filter uses search terms related to cohort studies and risk.
    • Diagnosis - Filter uses search terms related to diagnosis, specificity or sensitivity.
    • Therapy (default choice) - Filter uses search terms related to clinical trials, controlled trials, random allocation and theraputic use.
    • Prognosis - Filter uses search terms related to prognosis, cohort studies, follow-up studies, incidence and prediction.
    • Clinical Prediction Guides - Filter uses language related to validation, observer variation, predictive value and scoring systems.
  • There are two scope filters:
    • Broad - Sensitive search – includes relevant citations but probably less relevant; will retrieve more (default)
    • Narrow - Specific search – will get more precise, relevant citations but less retrieval

Searching Activity Template

Feel free to use this GoogleDoc as a template to help you being searching for articles on your research topic.


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