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Advanced Google Searching

Types of Filtering

Filtering by Date:

Once you have a list of results, click on Tools (at the top of the screen). You may then select different options. We are looking at news about Donald Trump's Georgia indictment.


Filtering by Document/File Type:

1) You can search specific sites by using [site:] as a term. 

Sample search for [majors] (restricts its information on majors to sections of Ithaca College's website)

2) You can also search by filetype by using [filetype:] as a term. You can search by .pdf, ppt or pptx (Powerpoint), .xls, etc. Alternatively you can also use :ext (short for extension).  Apple ext:.pdf

Sample search for "ithaca college" health form:file type.pdf (restricts its information to Ithaca College health .pdf forms

3) You can search for results with specific terms located in the text of pages on a topic by using [intext:] as a term. 

Sample search for [olympics intext:marathon] (restricts its information to sites about the Olympics that also include information on the marathon)


You can also search File Type by going to Advanced Search