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Alumni and Retiree Resources

Alumni Resources

Public Sources

JSTOR, the not-for-profit digital library of thousands of academic journals and other content, offers the archives of more than 1,200 journals for limited reading by the public. This is part of JSTOR’s experimental program Register & Read (, in which people can sign up for a JSTOR account and, every two weeks, read up to three articles online for free.

Several states provide access to selected online resources. Contact your state library or local public library for more information. For example, the NOVELny project (New York Online Virtual Electronic Library) provides New York state residents with online access to a group of full-text databases.Connect to NOVELny resources via your local public library, using your library card, NY State Driver's License, or obtain a card from the New York State Library.

The New York Public Library has extensive print, media, and online collections.  Any person who lives, works, attends school or pays property taxes in New York State is eligible to receive a New York Public Library card free of charge.   After successfully applying for a card, you can download eNYPL content, remotely search Library databases, or reserve a computer.