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Research Metrics

Altmetrics Tools

Draws from a variety of social and scholarly data sources, including Facebook, Twitter, CiteULike, PubMed, Scopus, CrossRef, scienceseeker, Mendeley, Wikipedia, slideshare, Dryad, and figshare. Offers free widget that can be embedded into repositories.
Tracks social media sites, newspapers, and magazines. Altmetrics is based on three main factors: the number of individual mentioning a paper, where the mentions occurred (e.g. newspaper, a tweet), and how often the author of each mention talks about scholarly articles. Altmetric has been adopted by Springer, Nature Publishing Group, Scopus, and BioMed Central, among others. Altmetrics offers a free bookmarklet that can be added to the bookmarks toolbar and used to get altmetrics on articles with Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) or identifiers in open access databases such as PubMed Central or arXiv. Altmetrics will only work on Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

PLOS ALMs (Article Level Metrics)
Custom searches to track the access and reuse of articles published in PLOS journals. Tracks item-level views, saves and citations,

Allows researchers to publish all of their data in a citable, searchable and sharable manner. All data is persistently stored online under the most liberal Creative Commons licence, waiving copyright where possible. This allows scientists to access and share the information from anywhere in the world with minimal friction


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