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Search Strategies

  • Look at this guide:
  • Determine the focus of your research question
  • Think broadly and then narrow by adding additional terms or subject headings.
  • Brainstorm keywords and synonyms. For example, you are looking for articles about diversity training in the workplace:
  • Try Ron Gilmour's Word Cloud with one or more people:  
    • work, workplace, employment, company, corporation, employee(s)
    • "diversity training" or "workplace diversity"
  • Search the databases for your keywords/subject headings in the abstract or subject headings if they are available. Each databases has slightly different ways of searching. Consult the help screens for assistance.
  • Keep phrases together usually by using "". Example -"diversity training"
  • Find pertinent articles and look at what keywords or subject terms were used and then modify your search.
  • Do you need scholarly, peer-reviewed, academic or refereed articles vs general newspaper or magazine articles? These can be selected within the databases. Not sure what the difference is? See here:

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