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Sociology Literature Reviews


To search directly for a literature review, go to a library database and search for:

   "literature review" AND [your research topic].


  • how to use Boolean operators: AND, OR, NOT
  • how to use truncation
  • the different ways of filtering and limiting your results
  • title searches
  • searching and exploring Subject Headings
  • looking at a bibliography and seeing who has cited specific articles

Key Questions

1. Who are the key researchers on this topic?

2. What has been the focus of the research efforts so far and what is the current status?

3. How have certain studies built on prior studies? Where are the connections? Are there new interpretations of the research?

4. Have there been any controversies or debate about the research? Is there consensus? Are there any contradictions?

5. Which areas have been identified as needing further research? Have any pathways been suggested?

6. How will your topic uniquely contribute to this body of knowledge?

7. Which methodologies have researchers used and which appear to be the most productive?

8. What sources of information or data were identified that might be useful to you?

9. How does your particular topic fit into the larger context of what has already been done?

10. How has the research that has already been done help frame your current investigation?

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