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Digital Commons Ithaca College

Our content is being accessed worldwide

Digital Commons IC is a platform that allows the Library to manage, display, and publish IC scholarship and creativity to the web in a highly visible online showcase. Additionally, it hosts content about the College itself and other curated exhibits. As the College's Institutional Repository (IR), it collects, preserves, and makes visible on an open access platform a variety of work including pre-prints, working papers, peer-reviewed journal articles, student honors papers, conference proceedings, data sets, presentations, film productions, and images.  

Digital Commons content is full-text indexed in major search engines such as Google™ and Google™ Scholar. Scholars can discover Ithaca College content and objects by topic, author, or keyword. Customized email alerts and RSS feeds are also available to readers, allowing them to be automatically notified of new research.

Why contribute?

In addition to contributing to the promotion of the scholarly and creative work of Ithaca College, faculty, staff, and students that contribute scholarship and work to the Digital Commons have the benefits of:

  • Increased visibility for scholarship and creative works.
  • A permanent URL for work that can be shared on resumes and applications.
  • Access to usage statistics including citations to contributed work.

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Bridget Bower
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