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Digital Commons FAQs

Ithaca College Library had been using the Digital Commons IC as its institutional repository since 2015. After careful consideration, we decided to leave this platform during the summer of 2022.


When did access to the Digital Commons end?

Our access to Digital Commons IC ended late-July 2022.


Why did the collections move?

We began using our unified library service platform to deliver many of our digital collections. This is the same platform that enables us to circulate and provide access to other items in our collections – like our books, scores, multimedia, and database content. Using this platform for our digital content will help us to streamline our workflows.


I use a Digital Commons URL on my resume to share my work, will this continue to work?

No. Theses are now available via our Digital Collections, please use the permalink for your work on this platform. You can contact us at with any questions you may have.

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Terri Ann Coronel