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ICSM Dilemmas of the Future

Library Instruction Objectives

Course Description: Technology advances at a dizzying pace. In doing so, it creates new opportunities and benefits, but it also creates new dilemmas. Possible advances on the horizon include super intelligent machines, conscious robots, designer babies, nanoweapons, new surveillance techniques, and “deepfake” technology. This course will examine some of the ethical challenges that these forms of technology will likely create for us (both in the near and distant future) in terms of safety, social trust, privacy, fairness and equality, and human relationships. Our goals will be to envision a future in which technology enhances the quality of our lives rather than threatens it, and also to explore what steps we can prudently take here and now in an effort to bring about this future. 

Library Session Learning Objectives:

  1. Discover Library resources and services and how to ask for help.
  2. Evaluate source types (books, scholarly articles, tweets, etc.) and when best to use them.
  3. ​Find and access a books and articles using the Library Search. 
  4. Generate citations in the Library Search.

NYC Subway surveillance cameras     

NYC Subway Surveillance by arvind grover from New York City, USA

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