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Eclipse 2024

The 2024 North American Eclipse

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will cross North and Central America creating a path of totality. During a total solar eclipse, the Moon completely blocks the Sun while it passes between the Sun and Earth. The sky will darken as if it were dawn or dusk and those standing in the path of totality may see the Sun’s outer atmosphere (the corona) if weather permits.

While Ithaca is a outside of the path, we'll be very close to totality. To check other locations and the time of the eclipse, check NASA's Eclipse Information.

Eclipse Safety

Don't just stare at the sun! Keep your eyes safe for the next eclipse. Use eclipse glasses (NOT sunglasses) to watch without hurting your eyes. If you don't have special eclipse viewers, you can get or make a pinhole viewer. Here's some information on eclipse safety: