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ICSM: Freaks: Questioning What is Normal

Library Instruction Objectives

Course Description: Who decides what is “normal” and why? How are the boundaries of normality enforced? What do our reactions to those who fall outside the socially agreed upon “rules” of normality tell us about ourselves? These are some of the questions this course is designed to explore, through reading and discussing both verbally and in-writing texts such as essays, short stories, poems, and films, and our responses to those texts.

Library Session Learning Objectives:

  1. Discover Library resources and services and how to ask for help.
  2. Evaluate source types (books, scholarly articles, tweets, etc.) and when best to use them.
  3. ​Find and access a books and articles using the Library Search. 
  4. Generate citations in the Library Search.

Image of a 1950s child asking a mom What is Normal? & the reply that it is a setting on the dryer

Strange Tales cover, October 1932

From Wikimedia Commons

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