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Holiday Movies

Modern Traditional (2000-Present)

What makes a film a traditional holiday movie? Some coat themselves with the trappings of the season, while others are better at exploring the meaning, rather than exploiting the sentiment, of the holidays. The Ithaca College Library has quite a few of both.

Traditional (1990s)

Traditional (1980s)

The Lost Decades (1960s & 1970s)

The Sixties and Seventies were the decades that produced dozens of TV holiday specials, but they were pretty much devoid of feature-length holiday films. Not including the films listed on the non-traditional side, this is all the IC Library has:


Classics (1940-1960)

Some film buffs insist that the best holiday movies were produced before 1960. Who are we to argue?

A Christmas Carol

There have been enough variations of "A Christmas Carol" that they get their own box.

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