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What Is It?

The Leganto Reading List tool is an online application, within Sakai, that supports the creation and management of course resource lists. Instructors can search the library's collection for books, articles and Open Educational Resources, which can then be added to reading lists; library staff can process reserve items efficiently; and students can access all course materials in one place and from any device. 

How Is It Different From Sakai?

For instructors, Leganto:

  • Contains readings from library databases or PDFs
    • Reading lists can be "Sent" with a click of a mouse to the library for processing - no more filling out reserve forms
  • Contains video content from Kaltura
  • Allows for the "Drag and Drop" of citations using Cite-it
  • Provides data on how many times a reading has been accessed
  • Provides notifications about students not participating in readings
  • Allows instructors to collaborate and suggest readings based on similar courses taught
  • Provides "Like," "Read It," and "Due Date" tags for readings
  • Creates a reading list that remains in the Leganto repository, available for editing and reuse in the future

For students, Leganto:

  • Gives the option to discuss readings using a chat box
  • Gives the option to recommend readings to the instructor
  • Allows students to create their own collections of readings
  • Provides "Like," "Read It," and "Due Date" tags for readings
  • Provides mobile-friendly access to content

How Do I Set It Up?

  1. Log in to Sakai and select the relevant course
  2. Add the Leganto tool from Site Administration -> Manage Tools
  3. Launch Leganto from the left sidebar​​
  4. Next, click CREATE IT, to start a new reading list, or ROLL OVER to reuse material from a previous semester. Select the previous course name from the drop down box.

Now, select a template for your course. You can either select Blank, which will be one reading list, or a list divided into weeks.


  1. If creating a new reading list, click the blue + button to find library materials to add to your reading list.
    • search
    • Search: add items from the library's collection; if you aren't sure, start with this step
    • Create: add items that are not in the library's collection - items you have access to
    • My Collection: add items that you have previously searched for later use
  2. After selecting an item, choose the section you want to add it to, then click Add; its citation now shows up on your reading list
  3. To request that a citation be put on reserve by library staff, click Send to Library from the ellipsis menu on the right-hand side of the citation
    • ​​send
    • Citations sent to the library for processing show a status of “Sent”
    • Citations for books that have been successfully put on reserve will display “Complete, Available at IC Library Circulation Desk Reserves”
    • Citations for chapters or excerpts that have been successfully uploaded by library staff will display “Complete” with a download cloud icon
  4. When you're ready for students to view the reading list, click Publish from the ellipsis menu in the upper left-hand corner of the site
    • publish

Need Help Finding Resources?

Contact your Subject Librarian if you would like assistance identifying items for your Leganto resource lists.

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