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ICSM: Life & Technology in the Year 2050

About this Guide

This guide supports the following seminar assignment:

For this assignment, choose one field of cutting-edge technology that might or might not solve a problem by the year 2050. Pick something specific like “computer/ brain interfaces,” rather than just “computers.” Research recent advances in your chosen technology and present your research as you explore the degree to which your technology will or will not solve a current or emerging problem.  To do this, you will also need to research the problem a bit. Students need to cite 5 credible sources in MLA format. 

A few sources that list emerging technologies:

  1. MIT Technology Review
  2. Educause  (educational technology)
  3. Consumer Technology Association
  4. Scientific American

Library Session Learning Objectives:

  1. Evaluate source types and apply limiters.
  2. ​Find and access a book using the Library Search. 
  3. Find and access an article using the Library Search.
  4. Generate citations.

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