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Ithaca College Theses

About Ithaca College Theses

Ithaca College offers (or has offered) master's level programs in several disciplines including Occupational Therapy, Exercise and Sport Sciences, Communications, Physical Education, Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, and Music. Some of these programs offer a thesis option for completion of the degree.

Many of these theses are available online on our Digital Collections platform. 

Submitting work

Two copies of your thesis are to be deposited in the Ithaca College Library. Please follow the instructions below. If you have any questions about the process, please email

  • Please visit our deposit portal to deposit your work.
  • Click "Create Deposit."
  • Select the appropriate collection, based on your degree and program of study.
  • Enter the title of your work (required).
  • Copy and paste in the text of the abstract of your work (recommended).
  • Upload two copies of your thesis: 
    • 1. Full, approved thesis, with signatures 
      • This copy will be preserved in the Ithaca College Library’s Archives 
      • Please use the following naming convention:
        • ICMT_Last name_year of degree_full.pdf
        • For example: ICMT_Smith_2023_full.pdf
      2. Approved thesis, with signature page removed
      • This copy will be made available in our public-facing Digital Collections and preserved in the Ithaca College Library’s Archives
      • Please use the following naming convention:
        • ICMT_Last name_year of degree.pdf
        • For example: ICMT_Smith_2023.pdf
  • Review the Terms and Conditions and click the checkbox to indicate agreement to the terms.
  • Select Submit to send your work to the library.

Next steps 

Once your work is submitted library staff will review the files and approve the deposit or return it to you with questions, if need be.

Once approved, the unsigned copy will become discoverable in our digital collections and library catalog. In time, it may be indexed by search engines like Google and in other repositories.

You will receive an email confirmation when your work has been made available in our collection. Please note, when first approved, your work might only have basic information like the title and your name available in the record. Library staff will work on enhancing the record, adding subject information and other metadata to describe your work and help researchers find it.

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