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JOUR 31300: Journalism Law

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Concerning Sharp v. Murphy before the Supreme Court:
SCOTUS Blog:  Sharp v. Murphy - the case was decided July 9th, 2020
Articles written about the case prior to the decision:
Casteel, C. (2019, December 15). U.S. Supreme Court accepts new Oklahoma case about Indian reservations. Oklahoman.
Epps, G. (2018, November 20). Who Owns Oklahoma? The Atlantic. 

Contemporary Legal Issues Facing Native Americans – Federal Bar Association. (2017, January 10). 

Harris, Cynthia R. (2017, September 18). Emerging Environmental Issues in Native Communities. Environmental Law Institute. 

Issues | Indian Law Resource Center.  

NoiseCat, J. B. (2015, August 31). 13 Issues Facing Native People Beyond Mascots And Casinos. HuffPost. 


You may set up a Google Alert if your issue is unfolding.

Savanna’s Act Addresses Alarming Number Of Missing Or Killed Native Women: Live Updates: Protests For Racial Justice : NPR. (2020, September 28). In All Things Considered.

Walker, M. (2020, September 29). Pandemic Highlights Deep-Rooted Problems in Indian Health Service. The New York Times.


Sharp v. Murphy   Wikipedia.   It is ok to use Wikipedia to identify a case name or section of law.

SCOTUSblog  a blog of Supreme Court cases.  I often check it for background on cases before the court. It provided me with the docket number for Sharp v. Murphy.

"Native American Rights." Gale Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, Gale, 2019.  

Secondary Sources

Finding Books & Articles using the Library Search

Sample Search:

Worldcat -- use the subject headings to find more recent books; we can borrow them via Interlibrary Loan

Finding scholarly articles and news using EBSCO Research Library

Sample search: 

Native American News

You can limit by ethnic group: Native People

ex.  voting or disinfranchis* or suffrage

Primary Sources

Select Sources for Finding Cases

Find a case:  United States v. Sandoval County, 797 F. Supp. 2d 1249 No. 88-CV-1457-BRB-DJS
After accessing the case, use Shepards to find cases that cite to this case. Click on cited cases and codes to access full text of related primary source documents.
Read the opinion. Who is listed as counsel? What is the jurisdiction? What are the background facts?

Search method 1:  Get a Doc Assistance (under the search box)  You can search by citation, party name, or by Docket Number

Search method 2: If you know the legal citation (797 F. Supp. 2d 1249) you can just use the main page search box.

Search method 3: Click on All Nexis Uni > cases and codes > can search by jurisdiction (ex. Tribal, District, Appellate Courts

Search example: summary("native american" or "american indian") and summary("voting rights")

United States Code (via GovInfo)

Administrative Law (Code of Federal Regulations)


Tribal Law

Government Documents


Manage Your Research: Google Docs Template

Copy and paste this template into your own Google Doc or MS Word page.  


FINISHED EXAMPLE (gerrymandering) MS Word. Fall 2020

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