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Naxos Music Library: User Guide

Making Personal Playlists

Once you've accessed a Naxos database, you can create your own personal account and playlists. Follow the steps below to begin:

Step 1

After logging into a Naxos database, click on the Playlists tab in the left-hand navigation bar

Step 2

From here, click to Sign Up for a *free* Student/Member account (in the upper-right part of the screen)

Step 3

Complete the form to create your free personal account.

  • Make sure to use your IC email address (when setting your password, you can make whatever password you'd like)
  • Follow the steps in the confirmation email you receive to activate your account

Step 4

Now you're ready to make playlists!

  • Any time you access a Naxos database, make sure to log into your personal account (Playlists tab >> Login)
  • When you find tracks you want to add, select them, and click the + sign to add

  • You will be prompted to select the folder and list you want to add your tracks to 
  • You can create new folders and lists as you like

  • Access anytime through the Playlist tab on your computer or smartphone (through the Naxos app)

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