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CSCR 32600 Black Queer Archive

Black American LGBTQ+ Journals

Aché : a free publication for black lesbians (1989-1993) (Feb 1990 vol.2 #1 online)

Alternative. Stanley Clay;  Devre Jackson Los Angeles, CA 1991-?



B&G. Joseph Cornell (1990s)

BGM. Sidney Brinkley 1987-1990s

BL blacklight : for the black gay community

Black Lesbian and Gay Centre project (London) (1990-1994)

Black Lines Identity 

Black/out : the magazine of the National Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays (sample 1986 vol1 #1)


BLK (see also the history of this magazine)

BWMT Atlanta

BWMT Baltimore

BWMT Cleveland


BWMT Detroit (1994)

BWMT/PACT Newsletter

BWMT Quarterly

BWMT Tallahassee and Big Bend Florida

Brothers : the monthly newsletter of the Brother to Brother organization (1982-?, San Francisco, CA)

Clik : America's #1 black SGL lifestyle, news, entertainment, fashion, and travel magazine.

Color life : the lesbian, gay, twospirit & bisexual, people of color magazine

Colours magazine

Drum. Ebony Connection, Inc

Fire!! : a quarterly devoted to the younger Negro artists: 

The Forum / publication of the Black Gay & Lesbian Leadership Forum

Gay Black female : G.B.F. (1990s Hollywood, CA)

Gay black men : GBM. 1997-

GMAD calendar : gay men of African descent

Griot Press : minority owned and published lesbian and gay magazine (Philadelphia, PA)

Habari-daftari. National Coalition of Black Gays. Informational News Services (Dec./Jan. 1983/1984

Habari-habari = What's the news--what's the news? : the newsletter of the National Coalition of Black Gays.

Identity. (2004-) Chicago, IL : Windy City Media Group

Issues! (2000-)

Kick!. 1990s-1999 (Detroit, MI)


Lesbians of Color Caucus quarterly (LCC, (1978-?, Seattle, WA)

Makeda : celebrating BLACK womynhood  Los Angeles, CA)

Malebox!. 1990s-

The Missive (1997-) Audre Lorde Project

Moja=gay & black

National Coalition of Black Gays

New Jersey's gay black womens' newsletter

Newsletter  (National Association of Black and White Men Together)

Official newsletter of the D.C. Black Gay Men & Women's Community Conference

OiB magazine (1990s)  Out in Black Pub "A collection of images, thoughts & ideas of people of color in the life."

ONYX Black Lesbian Newsletter 1983-1984 digitized by glbthistoricalsociety (March, 1984, vol 3, issue 1)

Other black woman : an international magazine

Our Love.  STOP AIDS Project. 1999, San Francisco, CA, 

PLGTF bulletin. (Philadelphia, PA, Rita Addessa 1980s-1982

Rafiki :the journal of the Association of Black Gays.  1976-?

Resist! : the dyke zine. 1996-199? 

SBC. 1990s-

Shellac. 1999-2002

Sisters : newsletter. 1985-?

Swerv (2008-, Washington, D.C. : BrownStar Enterprises Upper Marlboro, MD ; Get Life Productions) 

Thing. Robert T Ford (1989-1993)

Tribadism : information newsletter for black lesbian womyn & our friends

Venus. 1995-2006


Wavelength magazine

Whazzup! magazine
Women in the life.(1990s, Washington, D.C.)


Hispanic American LGBTQ+ Journals

Ambiente News

Aquí llegó: (1994-1997)

Esto no tiene nombre: (Originally founded as a newsletter in 1990, succeeded by Conmoción : revista y red revolucionaria de lesbianas latinas1995-1996)  “conmoción is an international Latina lesbian vision that uses the published word to empower and terrorize, to destroy and create. We publish, support and develop any type of activity that leads to the betterment and greater visibility of Latina lesbians.”

Las Buenas amigas : lesbianas Latinas. (1989, 1992 and 1999 issues available in Archives of Sexuality and Gender)

Chispay chisme! (May 1986 issue available in Archives of Sexuality and Gender)

En La Vida (1997-1998), and July 2000, Issue 49

Jota: 2003-

Raspa Magazine: Queer Latino Literature


Asian American LGBTQ+ Journals

Asians and Friends New York News Forum (1989-1997)

Đó̂i diện = Face to face. 1993-? Vietnamese

Gay Asian Support Group (1970s-?)

Iban Queer Koreans of New York (1998-)

Lavender godzilla : voices of the Gay Asian Pacific Alliance. (1988-2009)

Pacific friends. 1986-1996- San José, Calif.

Phoenix Rising * 1984-1994,  Bimonthly Newsletter (varied dates, 1986-1993)

QAPA ink (1990s-)

Revelasian (1995-

Tricone: Hindu American

Native Nations

Color life : the lesbian, gay, twospirit & bisexual, people of color magazine

Indige Zine (2017-) Creator, BRAUDIE BLAIS-BILLIE indige•zine is a digital and print platform for Indigenous art, identity, and resistance. Each issue reflects the voices and visions of today's Native peoples across Turtle Island (North America) and beyond.  

Sacred Fire (1990-2001)

Together apart: Queer Indigeneities (Continued by These Ones) See their about page



Azalea A Magazine by Third World Lesbians (digitized in Lesbian Poetry Archive by Julie R. Enszer)

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