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Research in PsycINFO

Note: You can use the list of PsycINFO Classification Codes to narrow the context of your search to a particular topical area. Select the code you want then add it to your search by using the Advanced Search mode. Enter the code in one of the search boxes and select CC Classification as the field.

You can also limit your search by methodology - for example, EMPIRICAL STUDY is one the limiters.  Using this limiter will retrieve research that is based on observation or experimentation or quantitative measurement.  

To find empirical articles in PsycINFO :
- Use the "Advanced Search"

-Type your Keywords in the search boxes

-Scroll down the page to "Methodology" and choose "Empirical Study"

-Choose other limits, such as publication date, if needed

- Click the "Search" button

Searching in PsycINFO

Managing and Saving Your Research in PsycINFO

My Research is a tool that you can use to save, manage, and organize the content and supporting materials you find and create in PsycINFO. You can include documents, searches, search alerts, RSS feeds, and in My Research. Setting up a My Research account is simple and free to all IC students, faculty, and staff.   If you create a search alert, you will be notified of new articles on your topic as they are published.  See the My Research Guide. 

Psychology Journal Rankings

Google's Top Psychology Journals (in terms of Impact Factor)

Metrics for scholarly psychology journals - provided by Google.

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