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Research Help for Circulation Students

Questions to Direct to the Research Help Desk

Please refer any questions that have to do with database/catalog searching, citation help, finding primary or secondary resources, looking for a general collection, or anything involving more in-depth searching to a Librarian using their contact page.

If a user starts talking to you about getting help with a specific assignment or database, please suggest that they use the chat service.

If there appears to be a scavenger hunt going on, direct all of these questions to a Librarian using the chat service.

Below are some examples of what would be referred to a Librarian:

  • "I have a research project, and I need five scholarly articles."
  • "What would be a good database to help me find information for my paper?"
  • "Can you help me with citing this book in MLA?"
  • "I need primary resources for my assignment, where should I start?"
  • "Where is the fiction section?"
  • "I need to complete a SWOT analysis for my business class."
  • "The book I want is checked out, can you help me find something else?"
  • "I have the title of an article, can you tell me if you have it?"
  • "Can you help me find an old copy of the Ithacan?"

Questions that Student Employees would Answer

Circulation Student employees would be expected to answer the following questions:

  • Look up the location of a specific book title, NOT article title
  • Help students find things on Reserve 
  • Direct a patron to forms and policies on the library website 
  • Answer directional questions like where the bathroom is, where the CFE (Center for Faculty Excellence) is located, or where classrooms are