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Qualitative Data Analysis


There are many CAQDAS options available. Although there are expensive proprietary CAQSDAS platforms filled with functions and abilities, there is also free software that provide high performance platforms as well. Listed here are a few of the better reviewed ones.
  • R Project
    R is a language, not a program, but it provides a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.
  • RStudio
    An open source and enterprise-ready professional software for R
  • Coding Analysis Toolkit (CAT)
    Web based CAT won the Best Research Software award from the Information Technology & Politics in the American Political Science Association.
  • Compendium   A software tool providing a flexible visual interface for managing the connections between information and ideas.
  • AQUAD   Supports texts of any kind (e.g. transcripts), audio-data (e.g. interview recordings), video-data (e.g. observations) and pictures (e.g. photos, drawings).
  • Weft QDA Analyze field notes, interview transcripts, and other documents.
  • Audacity
    Free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing
  • NCH Express Scribe   Audio player software for PC or Mac designed to assist the transcription of audio recordings.   Foot pedal-controlled - Marilyn Dispensa in DIIS has a foot pedal.  


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