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Qualitative Data Analysis

Fee Based Software

There are many choices, but these are some of the leading competitors:
  • ATLAS.ti
    One of the most widely software programs. It features a full package of data management and coding tools and is optimized for teamwork. Student licencing is available.
  • NVivo
    Another leading and powerful software program for qualitative data analysis. Also optimized for teamwork. Student licencing is available.
  • Dedoose
    The chief selling point of Dedoose is that it is a web based CAQDAS application.
  • MAXQDA   Enables analysis of a variety of qualitative data including text, pdf, tables, audio, video, focus group transcripts, tweets, bibliographical data and still images.  
  • QDA Miner
    Supports the analysis of textual data such as interviews and news transcripts, open-ended responses, as well as the analysis of still images. Available for free in a Lite version.


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