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TVR 31200: Government & Media

About this Guide

Course Description:

Provides an understanding of the policy-making process used to formulate various regulations that govern the media. The role of relevant policy-making bodies, such as Congress, the courts, Federal Communications Commission, and lobby groups are discussed. Specific cases concerning the First Amendment, obscenity, libel, privacy, copyright, commercial speech, access to information, antitrust, etc., are also examined. A major research paper on a relevant media regulation topic is required.

Library Support

This guide will hep you research and cite laws and regulations for your paper. You should understand the difference between primary sources (cases, codes, and regulations) and secondary sources (law review articles, trade journals and news articles about legal developments).  Learn that you can use secondary sources, such as law review articles and encyclopedia entries, as a path to find primary sources. 

If you need assistance searching, I offer a research consultations in my office but if you're takig this course online, we can meet in Zoom; there is a screensharing feature.  Email me to make an appointment.  I am here to help you find the sources you need.


Cathy Michael

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