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PEG,  Public, Educational, and Government channels, Government Access Channels, Public Access

Community Television, Community TV, American Community Media, Local Media, Community Media, specific stations such as: PhillyCAM

Cable Television, Cable Franchise Fees, Franchising Authority


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Note: a lot of trade associations and news outlets have shifted to covering streaming media in addition to cable

About PEG

Federal Communications Commission:

Wikipedia:   Public-Access Television. ; Communications Policy Act of 1984 

EverybodyWiki:  List of Public Access TV Stations in the United States (this page used data from the Alliance for Community Media, below -- also try going to the ACM Membership > Directory tab for the most current information; you can search by zip code)

74 Am Jur 2d Telecommunications § 172 (2021). Entry on Access Channels in American Jurisprudence, a legal encyclopedia

Ithaca Pegasys

You can browse the meeting minutes.  For example, here are the minutes from the meeting of April 6, 2021 at 5 pm

see:  Cable Franchise -- Franchise Fee

6. The Franchise Fee and PEG Access Support.
Under federal law, the company may deduct the amount it pays to provide operational support for PEG access from its franchise fee payment to the municipality, if such operational support is required by the terms of the franchise agreement. Support in the form of underwriting capital costs may not be deducted from the franchise fee, but may be included in the calculation of the basic monthly subscriber rate.

Laws of NY:  see: Public Service Law § 119-B    Article 11:  Provisions relating to Cable Television Companies.   § 215 See: 

(b) prescribe minimum standards for inclusion in franchises, including
  maximum  initial and renewal terms; minimum channel capacity; provisions
  regarding access to,  and  facilities  to  make  use  of,  channels  for
  education  and  public  service  programs

Government Documents

47 U.S.C. V-A Cable Communications.  click on the PDF or Text in the left menu to access.  See: §531. Cable channels for public, educational, or governmental use.    §622 concerns franchise fees

e-CFR (Code of Federal Regulations): Title 47 - Chapter 1 -- Subchapter C - Part 76. Multichannel Video and Cable Television Service

Includes: §76.41   Franchise application process.  Search:   community television
Note:  I know to use community television as a search term a it was referred to in an article in the trade publication B&C


Cable Companies

Library Databases

Library Search 1: Search for Material type: books.  and "public access television"

Library Search 2: Search for Material type: articles and "public access television" OR "community television" OR "community tv" OR "PEG television"

Statista Dossier:  Cable TV in the US 

Ebook Central search:  "public access television"

SSRN:  "public access television". -- one paper 

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