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JOUR 11200: Investigative Journalism

About this Guide

Course Description: 

This class provides students with both theoretical and practical skills to locate story ideas, identify reliable and diverse sources, conduct research online and through interviews, and analyze and visualize data. Students use investigative techniques to research, write, and produce stories in multiple beats, including but not limited to: government, education, sports, and social issues. Students work individually and in teams to produce multimedia content focused on a specific beat and/or issues of journalistic importance within the local and wider communities

Library Support:

Use this guide to identify places to publish, discover story ideas, place your piece in context with background research, and provide perspectives from multiple points of view.   Students will be introduced to Nexis Uni, a top resource for mining what has already been written in national and international reporting, news wires, as well as broadcast news transcripts.   Search commands  and segment searching will maximize search efficiency. 

Students will learn about the value of using aggregated library databases:

  • If a newspaper website has a paywall, library databases provide fulltext access without images and advertisements.  Field code searching (such as searching the HLEAD headline and lead paragraph) is one way to search efficiently.
  • A list of basic reference works will be introduced including: directories, almanacs, fact checking sites, public records and government information will be provided

If you need assistance searching, I offer a research consultation in my office.  Email me to make an appointment.  I am here to help you find the sources you need.

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