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JOUR 11200: Investigative Journalism

Wire Services

Newspapers can subscribe to wire services.   Some news outlets subscribe to international news wires such as the Associated Press and United Press International to add content to their publication; these pieces can be edited for a local market.   Other wires collect state and government information, business press releases (PR Newswire and Business Wire), and even college press (Uwire).   Be aware that public relations professionals will be pitching you company news in hopes you'll cover their product.

Set up Alerts

If the story is ongoing, set up news alerts to receive emails on new stories being filed.

  • This Nexis Uni help page describes how to set up Alerts 

Social Media

Social Media is a place to learn of breaking news and to contact people.  See the tab on evaluating information for further guidance. 

Local Government

If you're publishing local news you'll become an expert at tracking local government meetings.  

Newspaper Coverage

What was already written?  Read over secondary resources.

Looking for a particular newspaper, magazine or broadcaster? Search the Journals page (found in the footer of the library's homepage).

Magazine Coverage

Check magazine and trade publications for coverage as well.  Most businesses are part of a trade association.  Trade Associations often generate magazines to their members to keep them abreast of current events.  

Pulitzer Prize Winners

Take a look at the list of Past winners & finalists for the Pulitzer Prize.  There are many categories such as: Explanatory Journalism, Investigative Reporting, National Reporting, Breaking News, Public Service, Local, etc.

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