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Your Place-General Information

Databases to Find Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Finding Local History

Finding Newspapers (Cathy Michael)

Finding Laws & Legislation (Cathy Michael)

  • Federal level: use for proposed legislation.  Use the United States Code on GovInfo for Federal Laws. 
  • State level:  google your state and the word legislation. Ex.  New York State legislation -- I use the portal on the NYS Assembly's website
  • Local level:  for US towns and cities, try searching the city or town with the word code.  Ex.  City of Ithaca. (a lot of municipal codes are on the General Code platform).   In the least, go to the website of your jurisdiction (Town, County, City) and browse the tabs for signs of a code or law.   Also go to local websites to see if they post local government meeting minutes and agendas.  Ex. City of Ithaca: Government. or Tompkins County Government.    For schools, search your local School District. Ex. Ithaca City School District. Local newspapers will summarize key points of meetings for the public.
  • International level:  I would Google the State, City or school you're searching and mine their website to begin.  Fill in blanks with newspaper searching in Nexis Uni.
  • Caselaw Access Project  360 years of United States caselaw, 

U.S. School District Information

National Center for Education Statistics (by district) Includes race/ethnicity and disability data 



Photos of librarians Jim Bondra and Cathy Michael


Special thanks: This guide was built collaboratively with contributions and assistance from Business Librarian Jim Bondra, and Communications Librarian Cathy Michael of Ithaca College .

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